RIP+MIX  is a fast, effective and engaging design tool to help encourage creativity and innovation in both designers and non-designers.  The simple analysis tools codify parts of the design process which are often left to intuition. A version of the method can be understood and synthesised to ideate innovative products or services in a two hour workshop. This empowers non-designers to engage meaningfully with the idea generation phase of the design process and demystify this part of the designer’s role.

RIP+MIX is a design method developed by T-Labs, Deutsche Telekom, Berlin and a research team from the University of Dundee It builds on Case Transfer, a design method developed by Dr Rosan Chow, Katariana Bredies and Dr Wolgang Jonas for Deutsche Telekom, Berlin.

The method:

  • makes existing knowledge of designed products and services visible and usable.
  • is highly productive in terms of generating ideas.
  • counterpoints and complements to user centred design.
  • offers scope for the involvement of non-designers – because the initial stages do not assume prior design knowledge.
  • Takes design away from the computer, emphasising physical recording, sketching and collaborative working.

The method has been used by a range of designers and non-designers in educational and business settings. It has been used by engineers, marketing analysts, product designers, jewellery designers and healthcare professionals. Feedback includes:

This is great! I’m going to share this with my OD team on Monday. 

Senior OD Adviser (Specialist Services) NHS Scotland

The RIP+MIX session you presented to kick off the level 3 Human Computer Interaction module was a huge success. It really inspired the students and made them think laterally about the whole design process – with some spectacular outcomes when they presented their project work at the end of the module. So impressed were we with the technique and the way you got it across that it appears in the forthcoming exam.

Professor Peter Gregor, Dean of Computing, University of Dundee

I use RIP and MIX whenever I am thinking about problems and looking for new ways of solving them. It has really helped me make some breakthroughs in my thinking.

Elaine Lawther, Leadership Consultant at the National Leadership Unit, NHS Education for Scotland

The research team from the University of Dundee included: Hazel White, Professor Mike Press, Fraser Bruce, Rob Black, Kate Pickering, Lauren Currie and Giorgio Giove.

Press, M., Bruce, F-S., White, H. and Chow, R. (2011). RIP+MIX: developing and evaluating a new design method in which the designer becomes a DJ. EAD 2011:Proceedings of the 9th International Conference of the European Academy of Design, May 2011, Porto, Portugal

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