I’ve recently started using mendeley – which I’ve found really brilliant when I’ve been researching and writing – the interface is a bit like using iphoto or itunes to view files. I haven’t got my filing sorted out yet though.

Service Design Network which introduces the basics, tools and lots more.

A great paper by Lucy Kimbell of the Said Business School Oxford and the Young Foundation on the evolution of design

This is Service Design Thinking is a very good introductory book by Marcus Stickdorn and Jakob Schneider and featuring contributions by Lauren Currie, co-director of Service Design Agency, SNOOK, one of our recent graduates.

And there are lots more here:

Design for Services, Anna Meroni, Politecnico di Milano University, Italy and Daniela Sangiorgi, Lancaster University, UK published by Gower  (an investment, once you have got a place on the programme!) Great case study on Driving Service Design by Directed Storytelling by Shelley Evenson.

STBY is a service design research company based in London and Amsterdam who use ‘design documentaries’ to share insights.

You can download further reading as PDFs

TransformationDesign Colin Burns Hilary Cottam Chris Vanstone Jennie Winhall
The Red Team at the Design Council’s 2006 manifesto paper on Transformation Design.

Transformative Services and Transformation Design Daniela Sangiorgi
This article reports on the recent evolution of service design toward becoming transformational. Services are less discussed as design objects and more as means for supporting the emergence of a more collaborative, sustainable and creative society and economy.

Service Innovation Through Touch-points Simon Clatworthy
Development of an Innovation Toolkit for the First Stages of New Service DevelopmentThis paper reviews one of the central areas of service design, the area of touch-point innovation. Specifically, it describes the development and use of a card-based toolkit.

Designing for Service as One Way of Designing Services Lucy Kimbell
This paper considers different ways of approaching service design, exploring what professional designers who say they design services are doing.

Evaluating Serviceability of Healthcare Servicescapes Seunghae Lee
This study examines the design of ambulatory healthcare from a service design perspective. It focuses on healthcare facilities as servicescapes and builds up a conceptual framework that outlines servicescape features in healthcare facilities, perceived servicescapes, users’ emotional and physiological statuses, and attitudes towards the healthcare.

Designing Service Evidence for Positive Relational Messages Kathy Pui Ying Lo
This article discusses relational messages in the design of service evidence based on insight gained from empirical research.

CoCreation_Sanders_Stappers_08_preprint Co-creation and the new landscapes of design. Elizabeth B.-N. Sanders  & Pieter Jan Stappers.
Designers have been moving increasingly closer to the future users of what they design and the next new thing in the changing landscape of design research has become co-designing with your users. But co-designing is actually not new at all, having taken distinctly different paths in the US and in Europe.

Benefits of Co-design in Service Design Projects Marc Steen, Menno Manschot and Nicole De Koning
In many service design projects, co-design is seen as critical to success and a range of benefits are attributed to co-design. In this paper, we present an overview of benefits of co-design in service design projects, in order to help the people involved to articulate more precisely and realistically which benefits to aim for.

Pacenti_Sangiorgi Emerging practices of Service Design Driven Innovation
This paper discusses the input of users and service providers to service design -it presents a case study of dote lavoro, a local government scheme in Lombardy, Italy to empower job seekers to select their own training and employment support. Dote lavoro is further explored in Pacenti’s Case study in Design for Services

Prototyping is the Shorthand of Design

Tom Kelley, Design Management Journal    Summer 2001    37

It was the pathway to discovering the structure of DNA. It was an early approach to understanding supersonic flight. It was the design source for Apple’s first computer mouse. Taking on the role of storyteller, Tom Kelley narrates parables that joyfully share his insights on the value of prototyping. He offers many lessons that together make it abundantly clear that creative epiphanies and model building go hand in hand.


Experience Prototyping

Marion Buchenau and Jane Fulton Suri

In this paper, we describe “Experience Prototyping” as a form of prototyping that enables design team members, users and clients to gain first-hand appreciation of existing or future conditions through active engagement with prototypes. We use examples from commercial design projects to illustrate the value of such prototypes in three critical    design    activities:    understanding    existing experiences, exploring design ideas and in communicating design concepts.

Experience Prototyping

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