SDN Members Day at Adaptive Path

Untitled by hazelonewhite
Untitled, a photo by hazelonewhite on Flickr.

Stefan Holmlid and service learning opps

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MacDonalds / Byron Stewart


How MacDonald’s use theatre to understand customer experience.

Download the presentation here

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protopartners _ zilver_ virgin

#SDNC11 Service Design Network, San Francisco

Damian Kernahan, protopartners and Erik Roscam Abbing, zilver discussed working with virgin to improve customer satisfaction. Protopartners describe themselves as a ‘keeping promises business’ rather than service design.

How do you embed empathy in customer service?

Question from company:

“The primary question behind the
“Intensive Care” programme is how do we
lift the customer satisfaction score from
7.XX to 8.X by Sept 2012, whilst delivering a
differentiated experience that our targeted
customers rave about.

But the key question which needs answered is:

“how do we install the internal processes
and capabilities and behaviours that will
guarantee that we’ll be able to predictably
DELIVER this customer experience.”

The key to improving customer services is to ensure that all the processes and systems are in place to deliver the service and that everyone is

Don’t need to redesign a whole customer journey, focus on the painful bits. Brand is the promise you make, customer experience (CEX) is the promise you keep (oh that Oz humour)

Told compelling story of customer running out of credit whilst calling her mother and having an asthma attack. The mother called the (offshore) helpline to put more credit on her daughters phone, but was bounced at the ‘account number/password’ details – leaving her distraught at being unable to call her daughter back. A video interview of the mother recounting the experience was used as an artifact to communicate the experience back to the Virgin board (alongside a range of quantitative and other qualitative data). This experience was a tiny part of the overall customer experience, but told such a powerful, potentially tragic tale, that it led to protocol changes in call handling. The daughter was okay. I think. You can download a .pdf of their presentation here

Then later informal chats in the Haight with Eric, Ross, Damian, Rishi, Aiden and Thomas.

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Nokia_Bas Raijmakers_STBY_DA Eindhoven

#SDNC11 Service Design Network, San Francisco
Selling Service Design through telling stories

Takeaways – films to create shared stories of experience – ‘day in the life’
Films put on USB keyrings for Management to use at presentations

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Notes From Continuum/Forrester #SDNC11

Service Design Network, San Francisco. Key takeaways – gap between service expectation and delivery – eg. United’s promise to take ‘Dad’ on a flight on a white bird, slaying dragons as opposed to budget JetBlue’s more pragmatic approach

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Notes from Richard Buchanan’s keynote at #SDNC11

Richard Buchanan Notes by hazelonewhite
Richard Buchanan Notes, a photo by hazelonewhite on Flickr.
Buchanan’s four domains of design summarised to posters, toasters, environment and now services.  Thinking of management as a design discipline – how we organise ourselves to do the things we do is a design issue.
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Handmade | FutureEverything

Dundee University Social Media Workshops at Handmade

Join us at Handmade: Digital | DIY | Craft to see designer Jo Hodge who is creating toys and clothing which allow parents and children who are separated through work, illness or family breakdown to communicate online.

Jo and Hazel White, Director of the Master of Design Programme at the University of Dundee are running a drop-in workshop where you can try out Jo’s tweeting toys, her Skyping scarf and create your own designs. Jo and Hazel will be crowdsourcing ideas and asking people to vote on their favourite designs for interactive toys and clothes which Jo will make up and exhibit online at Pigeon Post.

The workshop will explore how we might usefully integrate ‘the internet of things’ into our lives without becoming overloaded by technology.

You can find out more at:

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