Things to do:

Refine workshop words: Hazel

Decide on name: both

create blog and twitter account: Jo

and make appropriate toy: Jo

buy post its or postcards: Hazel

pens: Hazel

buy touchatags: Hazel

method of collecting peoples contact details without filling in a big form: both

Workshop Outline

Tweeting Toys

Designer Jo Hodge is creating toys and clothes which allow parents and children who are separated through work, illness or family breakdown to communicate online. Hazel bit of bio.

Jo and  Hazel White are running a workshop in Handmade: FutureEverything where you can try out Jo’s tweeting toys, her Skyping scarf  and create your own designs. Jo will make up a selection of the designs (chosen by the public) which will then be displayed online at tweeting toys.

Equipment needed: wireless connection, table chair, wall which can be pinned or post-it-ed.

Participants will be invited to post ideas on wall.

FutureEverything: Handmade

The call is now open for submissions to join us at Handmade: Digital | DIY | Craft, at Victoria Baths, Manchester May 14 2011, brought to you as part of the FutureEverything 2011 Festival in Manchester, England, on 11-14 May 2011.

This is your chance to show Manchester what you’re all about, working alongside a brand new VB Arts Commission by Table Top Experiments and Owl Project artist Antony Hall as well as workshops brought to the public by MzTEK (Space Studios, London) and FABlab.

Handmade is about Contemporary craft, digital hacking, interactivities and DIY culture. A new maker community is emerging, connecting the culture of traditional skills and materials with modern-day digital production, distribution and interaction techniques. FutureEverything invites makers to create objects, installations and performances that explore the cross-fertilisation of new and traditional media and materials.

If you are looking to showcase pre-existing or new work please fill in the application form to secure your place. Further details are included in the application form and an information pack will be sent out to successful applicants after the deadline date.

Deadline for submissions Monday 18 April 2011 at 2pm

buy touchatags here

Touchatag starter package

1 USB reader + 10 tags The touchatag starter package, together with the touchatag service on http://www.touchatag.com can be used to create your Internet of Things. With touchatag, objects can be made smart and applications can become accessible via a simple touch. Usage: From linking your toddler’s toys to Internet websites towards creating or customizing your own loyalty or renting service, the applications of the touchatag starter package are only limited by your imagination. Contents: The touchatag starter package contains one USB RFID reader and 10 RFID tags (smart stickers). System requirements: The USB reader works with PC Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and with MacOSX 10.4 or later (Intel version only). Technical: The USB reader works at 13.56MHz (High Frequency RFID) and has a readout distance of about 4 cm (1.5 inch) when used with the touchatag RFID tags. $39.95 + TAX

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