Rehab Conference

Together We Make Sense: a call for collaboration

Together We Make Sense slides


Co-design is a meaningful way of designing products and services fit for purpose. Szebeko and Tan (2010), describe co-design as grounded in understanding the real life experiences, ideas and skills of people, who use, need and run services. This paper discusses its application in a number of recent healthcare projects.


This is a call for collaboration. The role of the designer is not as a stylist, but as a facilitator through observation, communication and visualisation. Designers can involve service providers and users in key parts of the design process including:
observation through noticing and recording
questioning through naiveté and curiosity
visualising through sketching and prototyping
to identify real problems and develop valid solutions.


The paper will discuss a number of case studies where designers have worked with stakeholders to visualise, conceptualise or prototype ideas, highlighting tools and methods which have been successful in engaging stakeholders. Results The translation of ideas into a tangible and shareable form allows them to be tested, piloted and iterated before implementation, increasing take-up, reducing costs and reflecting true needs.


The paper will consider how designers and healthcare professionals could work effectively together to co-design solutions for long term conditions and consider what tools and mechanisms are available to make this happen.

Matchable Health

matchable is a new service that connects design students with the health and well-being sector. Follow our blog to keep up to date on progress and how you can get involved.

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