lens was developed with multimedia designer Ewan Steel in 2009. It is an interactive exhibit exploring how jewellery could be developed as an interface to technology.

The pendant is evocative of sea washed glass and was made as a  memento of a family holiday at Port Elgol, Skye. When it is held

up to the ‘magic mirror’, images of a father and son skimming stones at the water’s edge appear, accompanied by the sounds of the waves washing the shore.
The wearer has to move the pendant to explore the image – only a small part is visible in the pendant’s reflection, a bit like looking through a keyhole. When the pendant is not visible in the mirror, both the image and the sound disappear.

It is a exploration of how craft thinking and processes can connect with digital culture to create new objects and experiences.

Lens was first shown at DesignsOn, an exhibition which accompanied the V&A – Making it Happen conference, 24th and 25th February 2009 in the Dalhousie Building, Dundee and reviewed in  in Studio International magazine.

Mark Jones, Director of the V&A Museum trying out lens

Glass, resin, rope and interactive display cabinet

dimensions 125cm x 55cm  x 55cm

The piece was developed with assistance from the Arts and Humanities Research Council funded Past, Present, Future Craft research project.

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