Horizon Scanning

I’ll be in Nottingham next week giving a lecture as part of the intriguingly  named Horizon Scanning Lecture Series, for  MA/MSc Smart Design & MA Product Futures Lecture series at  Nottingham Trent University. 

This is the blurb:  Hazel White develops products and services to demonstrate how we can usefully embed technology in our lives. In 2012 she was supported by the Scottish Funding Council to develop KISTproject with the Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) and children with life-shortening conditions, their families and carers to develop systems using bespoke, playful objects to enable independent access to online communication.

In 2009-10 she developed Hamefarers’ Kist, a networked interactive device to enable older people, health and care professionals re-imagine products and services for older people. It has been exhibited and disseminated through public and professional health seminars and is the subject of a case study in a forthcoming book from the Center for Assistive Technologies and Environmental Access (CATEA) at Georgia Institute of Technology. In 2009 she led research to develop tools for Deutsche Telekom, Berlin to engage multi-disciplinary teams in the development of information and communication products and systems for older people. In 2007 she won an AHRC grant for a project which used jewellery artefacts to gain insights from a range of users into new uses for wearable technology. Hazel’s research and practice is moving into Design for Services – her students have been working on forensic jewellery identification systems, re-use of tents at music festivals and digital accessories to comfort those going into care.  In the last 12 months Hazel and her students and graduates have facilitated workshops with representatives from the Scottish Government, all 14 Scottish NHS Boards, the Police, the Crown Prosecution Service and Social Services using design methods to elicit insights and future visions. She was recently a keynote speaker at the launch of the Global Service Design Network in the UK.  Hazel is Director of the Master of Design for Services Programme at the University of Dundee.


About Hazel White

Director, Open Change
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