Dredd to Hope

When the first Judge Dredd film, starring Sylvester Stallone was in production, I was working for London prop-maker Martin Adams – I band sawed out the formers for the armour, cast and engraved the epaulettes, and did the polishing strategy for the helmets. As the second Judge Dredd film is released I’m sewing  fabric fobs to enable children who can’t communicate share their stories online, teaching co-design – enabling everyone to be involved in designing the things that make our lives better and working on design strategy with the NHS, Social Services and businesses. It’s the same thing in a way, you make things to help people imagine a different world.

About Hazel White

Director, Open Change
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2 Responses to Dredd to Hope

  1. hellojon says:

    As a huge 2000AD fan I always meant to ask you about your Dredd experience. At the time a friend of mine worked at Land Rover where they built all of the vehicles for the film.
    Ironically (apart from fantastic looking props) the ‘Stallone Dredd’ is a world that most fans of the comic would rather forget… but I like your point… and it’s too good a pun to miss 🙂

  2. designdundee says:

    It was an absolutely dire film. It was lots of 24 hour stints getting stuff out in time, but I learned loads – everything has to produced meticulously -any flaws are huge in closeups.

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